Refugees in Bulgaria Part II
In 2013, due principally to the war in Syria, Bulgaria found itself in the middle of international migration flows like never before. Caught completely unprepared for the around 11,000 refugees and asylum seekers it suddenly found within its borders in the space of just a few months, the Bulgarian Government would define this as the greatest humanitarian emergency the country had faced in the last 90 years. Bulgaria's handling of the crisis made it the subject of harsh criticism, prompting the European Union to intervene with contributions of almost six million euros, which Bulgaria has used to restructure and reorganise its refugee centers and to control its border with Turkey. This work looks at the issue of immigration in Bulgaria now that the crisis has passed and seeks to document the changes the country is undergoing as it faces the issue of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. While conditions for refugees in centres and camps have improved, Bulgaria's overall approach has largely remained one of closure, as demonstrated by its construction of a 32km fence along the border with Turkey, and by its scarce attention to the issue of integration and support for refugees beyond the centres.

Refugees in Bulgaria
A European Union member state since 2007, Bulgaria has been hit hard by the economic crisis and consequently by heightened political instability. Today, the country finds itself confronting one of the most critical moments in its recent history and with a totally unknown phenomenon already within its borders: a refugee crisis. In 2012, the total number of people crossing the Bulgarian border illegally was approximately 1,700. In 2013, it reached 10,200. This jump in numbers appears to coincide with increased effors by Greece to close off its border with Turkey. Bulgaria, however, is totally unprepared to face a refugee crisis of this magnitude..

Migrant Workers Journey
The images just want to show where these illegal immigrants live and work. As for it, they reveal us our cruelty, our collective responsibilities stretched in not knowing, not understanding, not neither imagining. Why we are always wondering to ourselves: "So how many immigrants there would be in Italy?". Instead of asking ourselves: "Who are they? How we make them live because of our laws? Where do they come from and why did they want or had to leave their country?".

Lost Generation
Hundreds, or perhaps thousands. Hidden in the abandoned industrial areas that surround the port of Patras; in the old disused train station in the centre of Corinth; in the 'urban holes' that dot the landscape of an Athens wounded by the crisis.

Intimity Bondage
Bondage is an erotic art linked to the world of sadomasochistic practices through which we try to get to a point of ecstasy in which the pain melts with pleasure.....

The failed embrace
This project is dedicated to my grandfather.
He came from Greece to Italy at the age of 17. He began a military career, then got married and had two children. He never returned to Greece and we never talked about his origins, as we were very different.... impossibly different.
I came to Greece for the first time in Autumn 2011, to look for my grandfather's house. I never found it. I found the country destroyed by the crisis, and the sentiment that reflected my search for the past, in the present. I returned several times.

Flat 22
At number 22 of a street in the outskirts of Rome, there is a hidden little club. It has no name, nor distinction marks but only a little doorbell. In this club, gay boys, who love leather, find ospitality, a slight minority of the homosexual world. These "leathermen" choose to take possession of their virility and of their sexual power through leather uniforms, loving to practice erotic games within the bdsm world.

The Born Kings
This work springs from the attempt to explore the human and emotional background of a galaxy showing itself irreverent and proud to exist: the bursting and rebellious Queer community.

Big Prison
In the last years Malta has become one of the most important destinations in the Mediterranean for imigrants...

Ethiopian Tribal Enviroments
In South-West Ethiopia, between Sudan and Kenya, there is the Valley of the Omo River.

"L' Altro Terremoto"
The earthquake of a 6,3 Richter magnitude which stuck the aerea around L'Aquila during the night of April 6 involved 26 municipalities. Seventy thousand people have been living in tents put up by the vivil protection for months.