In Italy, according to Caritas, there are about 4,900,000 of whom some 700,000 migrants are irregular.
I.N.E.A., the 'public research body in the field of structural and socio-economic, agro-industry, it has recorded as employed in agriculture, from which 102,000 are excluded, however, the "irregular".
Each year, in a sort of pilgrimage, seasonal workers "without rights" moving for miles from east to west and from south to north of the country. Below are stages of harvesting of agricultural products such as melons, tomatoes, grapes, olives and oranges. This is a period of 6-7 months.
There are about 3000 migrants (Basilicata) willing to work to 12 hours a day for about 25 €. They live, or rather survive in abandoned houses without electricity and water in extreme poverty. Do not have any right, any form of assistance. They are at the mercy of corporals, mostly Italians, deputies to control not only their jobs but their entire life.

Photo&Video: Alessandro Penso e Michele Palazzi editing: Massimo Bui